If you haven’t trained with The Jitsu Foundation (TJF) before then first thing to do is to attend your first session. After that, you may want to know a little more about what it involves to continue training.  If so, this is the page for you.

Mat Fees

Your first session with the club is free. After that it is £2 per session or you can pay £15 for a quarter (usually defined by the gradings in March, June, September and December).

Licence Fee

After first session, you will have to apply for a license from TJF to continue training. The license lasts for a year and costs £25 which includes sport insurance fee. Once you paid for the licence, you can practice at any TJF club in UK.

Natty White Pyjamas

Assuming you enjoy your first session (and why wouldn’t you?), you might want to start thinking about getting yourself a Gi (the correct name for the white pyjamas). We strongly recommend you buy a white plain Judo Gi because they tend to be thick which makes them suitable for Jitsu’s throwing and grappling.

All you have to do  is to ask one of our committee members and they will order one for you.

Mailing List

Friends of ULU Jitsu should get themselves on this mailing list.

Or send an email to ulujitsu+subscribe [at]

It’s used a lot and if you’re not on it, you’ll miss emails about important things like when the next social is.

Safety and Etiquette

Jitsu has its origins in ancient Japan and it still practices some of the principles of etiquette. Many of these show respect and mutual gratitute but also act as very practical safety measures. You will pick the rules up pretty quickly but it is worth learning the following important rules as quickly as possible:

  • Yamae means “stop!” and you must follow this order as soon as you hear it.
  • When you step onto the mat, you must be invited on to the mat by the highest grade on the mat and you must rei (bow) to each other.
  • You must always rei (bow) to your training partner before beginning and after finishing practicing a technique.
  • You must never leave the mat or leave the dojo without informing the most senior grade on the mat.
  • You must rei (bow) when you enter or leave the dojo (training room).

Training at Other Clubs

Once you have got your TJF licence, you will be eligible to train at any other TJF club.  This is an excellent way of meeting new people and of catching up on training if you can’t make a session.  To find other clubs, you can use The Jitsu Foundation site or the London Jitsu site.

ULU Jitsu has always has a friendship with UCL Jitsu and there is a long history of members of each club training at the other.