About Jitsu

London can be a violent place, so learning how to look after yourself is a wise precaution. Jitsu is a martial art designed principally for practical self defence in a modern setting. In training sessions, you will learn how to defend yourself from everything from unwanted grabs and shoves to head buts, chokes and kicks. You will learn how to deal with multiple attackers, armed or otherwise.

What is Jitsu?

Jitsu is a defensive martial art which uses a dynamic system of strikes, locks and throws to subdue an opponent or attacker. With a strong emphasis on the use of an opponent’s body weight and movement, Jitsu provides a highly effective means of countering physical attacks from both armed and unarmed assailants, irrespective of the defender’s own strength, weight or gender. You do not need to be well-built for Jitsu to work for you. As such, an accomplished Jitsuka (people who practice Jitsu) will have a vast array of techniques at their disposal and so it is fair to say that Ju-jitsu has something to offer everybody.

Students of Jitsu are taught defences for real attacks like kicks and punches, and also less harmful – but equally unjustified – intrusions like grabs to the wrists and body. Students also begin to learn defences against weapons such as bottles, coshes and knives early on.

Jitsu is an art of degrees. Students are taught to tailor their defence to the level appropriate to the attack. There is no justification for hospitalising someone just because they grabbed hold of your wrist.

Jitsu is connected to its history. We still use Japanese names and terminology for our techniques, and can trace our lineage back to Japan.

Why Learn Jitsu?

There are some obvious benefits of learning a Martial Art such as Jitsu, for example for keeping fit and learning to look after yourself. Equally there are some less obvious benefits. Jitsu can also help you discover this inner confidence and self-assurance and prevent you even being selected as a potential target for trouble.We are never far from violence. Jitsu provides a safe and controlled forum to explore violence, without hurting each other. When you leave the dojo, you leave the violence behind you. Practitioners of the martial arts don’t start fights.

More Information

This page gives a brief overview of Jitsu.  If you want more technical information, you should consult: